HBUFC The Journey

Hout Bay

27 years after the end of apartheid, South Africa is according to the World Bank’s calculations*, the most unequal country on earth. 

*South Africa suffers the highest levels of inequality in the world when measured by the commonly used Gini index. Inequality manifests itself through a skewed income distribution, unequal access to opportunities, and regional disparities.

More than a team. Bigger than a game.

At HBUFC we use football to unite our three distinct communities. We help build the community and develop our youth to be successful thriving citizens. Our mission is through the medium of football we are able to provide a safe and loving environment where youth are able to access further services that nurture, support and empower them to succeed.

Our football teams span all age groups, boys and girls, men and women,  from U5’s through juniors, youth, teens and adult teams and all levels from social football, fun activities, organised leagues and a high performance programme. Through our activities we are able to bring the community of Hout Bay together both on the football field and in every day interactions. Our belief is that together we can create a shared future for a fractured world.

In the HBUFC model, diverse youth from the Hout Bay community undergo holistic support in two main streams:

  1. We capture them with their ‘Football journey’
  2. And then we support and nurture them with their ‘Personal development journey’
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