Hi Everyone, 

We would like to introduce you to one of the key players behind the scenes, HBUFC’s very own Chief Operating Officer (COO), Iris Henkel. Iris has a special love for HBUFC and what it stands for. It all stems from her intense love of sport and background.

Growing up in Europe, Iris was raised in a multi-racial family, having six siblings with different racial backgrounds and colors of skin. Because of this, she never saw gaps in how people with different skin colors were afforded different levels of support in terms of development and other aspects of life. This all changed when Iris came to South Africa and saw divides she never experienced before. She immediately knew she wanted to make a difference and had the drive to do so. 

One way in which Iris has shown how much she wants to contribute to these communities; is through the work she has managed to do during the Covid-19 lockdown. Iris felt that her level of emotional and practical involvement has much increased in the last 2 years of lockdown when one of the HBUFC founders called on her to assist with the distribution of food parcels. Iris and company managed to deliver over THREE MILLION food parcels to households in the Hout Bay Community. What added an extra special touch was all these parcels being handed over by their HBUFC players, giving these youth an opportunity to stake their place in something that made a real difference, helping these households. 

Iris is ever grateful for the experiences she’s gained in her time at HBUFC, especially with the young adults as she has two sons of her own. She recognizes that many of these boys are emotional and fragile, and that care, love, and honesty plays an important role in helping them trust and open up. These are the values Iris tries to implement and work on through her role at HBUFC. 

It is so clear that Iris has developed a beautiful relationship with the members at HBUFC as they’ve even given her a very loving nickname, “Mumzoo” which, to her, says everything. They are all beneficiaries of her love and affection regardless of their different backgrounds or drama they may experience. Iris has gone on to say that HBUFC simply uses football as a medium to bring enjoyment and fulfillment to the lives of these players. These boys don’t just play soccer at HBUFC, they gain life experiences and benefit in so many ways. The work that Iris and her team does is so important, and we hope, with all our hearts, it continues to bring happiness to and light!

Yours Truly, 

The HBUFC Team,

18 April 2022