Hi Everyone,

At the tournament this weekend, we had the pleasure of meeting some of CCK Legacy’s players and asked them what football meant to them. The responses were heart-warming as they elaborated on their experiences and feelings of the lost they experienced that day. 

Both Sanele (surname) and Liviwe (surname) felt that football is not simply a game, but a journey filled with many challenges. It is like life, where some days are good and others are met with disappointment and heartache. The loss that CCK Legacy experienced on Sunday 17th April was one of the teaching moments these boys experienced. They managed to play extremely well and score two goals, but the opposing team came back stronger, leading to their defeat. Sanele and Liviwe, as well as the rest of the team, did not take this lightly and was saddened by the turn of events. However, they have full faith that they are going far in football and will continue to prosper. 

The attitudes these boys have are owed to the Coach of CCK Legacy, Chippa Kobeni. According to these boys “He plays a huge role”, “He is like a father”. Coach Chippa teaches these boys to always stay together, and motivate and encourage each other. By teaching these values, Coach has built beautiful relationships with his players which is why they are so comfortable saying “We have the best coach in the world, trust me”. 

Here’s to you Coach Chippa, and to HBUFC for their work in providing these boys and their coach the opportunity to be a part of something great! 

We wish you the best at future tournaments CCK Legacy, keep pushing on!

Yours Truly, 

The HBUFC Team,

18 April 2022