Hi Everyone,

During the tournament this weekend we met with one of the First Team players and the U14 Coach, Byron McKellar who is currently in his third year of coaching and has been part of the club since 2016. Currently there are approximately 75 000 people living in Hout Bay and majority of these members are from the two township communities, Hangberg and Imizamo Yethu within the Hout Bay community. HBFUC is partnered with many other NGO’s in Hout Bay to make an impact within Hout Bay which is still a work in progress

Byron was initially drawn into HBUFC when he realized that it was more than just a club – it was an NPO that was trying to make a difference in the Hout Bay community and bring about upliftment through job creation. Born and raised in Hout Bay, Byron acknowledges the socio-economic inequalities prevalent within the community and one of the goals of HBUFC is to address these inequalities, uniting the community. One of the mentorship programmes that HBUFC offers is allowing first team players to have a position as a coach as well so they are able to offer the youth an opportunity to watch the first team play and then, during the week, be coached by these players first hand in training. 

Sports offers various opportunities to grow in characters and discipline in various aspects which can be carried through into life. At the very core of football lies teamwork and this allows for personal growth as you tend to do in a team with a set of diverse South African individuals with different backgrounds and upbringings. Within the first team, one of their rituals is to go to a member’s home where they will make a meal for the team. This exposes HBUFC members to gain a broader understanding of where the teammates are from as opposed to merely interacting on the field during training or matches. This allows for teammates to form a closer and more intimate relationship that goes beyond the field. 

Although Coach Byron’s team got knocked out of the semi-finals, Byron feels that this is something which is very valuable to learn in sport and carry through to life. “There will be things that don’t go their way, there will be times that they maybe lose a job or a relationship or whatever it might be, and then they’ll need to know how to persevere… keep fighting and don’t give up!” These words of encouragement will without a doubt continue to motivate and inspire the youth to persevere. 

Yours Truly, 

The HBUFC Team,

18 April 2022