March 2024

sonny's story

Sonny has been in all of these shapes and his story is a testament to this model, however more so than that, it is a story of a survivor who, looking back, can be proud to have overcome incredible adversity, without letting this take away from the kindness and love he shares through his warm smile and gentle nature.

Sonny and his story speak to one of the main characteristics of HBUFC that set it apart from other football clubs.


March 2024

milo's story

“I have never given up and I never will. Hopefully some of the kids here who read this story and are experiencing challenges in their lives will be motivated in some way to do the same.”

I’ve become very close with Milo over the last year and a bit sharing these rides, battling each other on the chess board, talking about life. And while he is quiet in nature, his story is one that screams out hope.

Hbufc wrapped newsletter

December 2023

2023 Wrapped Up

We’ve loved sharing each of our monthly stories with you this year. Thanks to Sam, Karien, Clint & Brent who have revelled in putting each month’s edition together- 4 local volunteers, a small portion of our Rainbow Army of supporters who help power our organisation in so many different ways near and far every single day. You know who you all are. Thank you.

Adams Family cropped

November 2023

The Adams Family

“We are a family of survivors. We survived a cruel generation. We fought a hard fight. Even if we closed our eyes today, I know our kids don’t have to fight that fight.”

Graham and Olivia Adams are our newly appointed house father and mother, who live at The Dream Factory with their children. What started as a catchy headline and an intuitive feeling has unearthed a truly remarkable tale. It’s a story about football, love, hardship, tragedy, fortitude, and family. One that had us all crying and laughing together.

October 2023

The Story Of Prince Gxubane

A gun goes off. An eight-year-old boy loses his father as do his seven other siblings. A wife loses her husband. A family loses their sole provider. One life lost. Nine lives changed forever .The story of Sabbath Prince Gxubane is not a football story. It’s much more important than that.

Hout Bay United’s marketing and sales department is where life has brought him, but his journey to get here only he can tell.

September 2023

Durin's Destiny

As the elite first-team’s fitness coach, I’ve gotten to know Durin as an incredibly kind hearted, joyful human, and an exceptionally talented footballer to work with. Until recently, I didn’t know his story. It’s one you absolutely must hear.

“I had no idea how hard this was going to be. Honestly, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever
done. But I know why I’m here. I’m going to make it.”

August 2023

The HBUFC X-Factor

Driving to pick up Xolela, I’m nervous. I’ve sat face to face to interview Ryan Giggs, Thierry Henry and even the great Eusebio, but none had my stomach in a knot quite like this interview with X, the Hout Bay United FC Assistant Coach of our Elite Men’s

X is one of the most composed humans I’ve encountered. He’d tell you your house is burning down in a controlled tone and voice and in the same breath tell you exactly how he was going to solve the problem. The man keeps it cool. 

July 2023

This is Africa!

Most Germans I’ve met are “from a small town near” somewhere. This is ‘The Story of Eli’, our volunteer / social media guru who came all the way from Staufen, near Frieburg.

My story starts at age 11, a year after the post-apocalyptic action film ‘The Book of Eli came out. After being scouted to play for SC Freiburg U/12s, my first season felt a lot like Denzil Washington’s journey through the desert. I travelled 35 minutes to training and back, three times per week, didn’t get much game time, and didn’t get on with the coach. It felt like a struggle, but I realise now that I had no idea what struggling truly looked like.
June 2023

You'll never ride alone

As you approach ‘Suikerbossie’, you have just 17 kilometres to go to get to the end of the biggest timed cycle tour event in the world.

Your journey would have started, depending on your cycling ability and conditioning, approximately four hours before reaching this final hill. To get to this point, you would have already covered about 90 kilometres of the world-famous 108 km route that starts in the Cape Town CBD and hugs the coastline around the Cape Peninsula to the finish next to the iconic Cape Town Stadium that was built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
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