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1. HBUFC x Common goal

After a 3 year process HBUFC have been on boarded as a Common goal partner organisation. Common goal is a pioneering football for good network made famous by their 1% campaign lead by Spanish player Juan Mata with the goal of uniting the global football community to harness the power of football to advance the United Nations Global goals.

2. Visit from Minister for Cultural affairs & sport Anroux Marais

On Friday 20th August HBUFC received Anroux Marais the Western Cape Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport. The goal of the visit was to highlight the extensive work HBUFC is undertaking across Hout Bay and the lack of facilities to support our programmes. We also toured some potential sites that we would like to partner with Provincial Government and the City to work to develop new infrastructure to grow our reach & impact in the community.

3. HBUFC training kit social experiment

The culture of HBUFC is defined by the key characteristics we try to deliver within our people. These are our ‘Rainbow stripes’ and they are: Grit, Unity, Respect, Community spirit, Growth, Leadership & Excellence. The goal is for these characteristics to be lived out every day. We have made a social experiment to see if replacing the names on the back of all of our training jerseys with these characteristics will make all of our players more aware of their journey and live out a stronger identity with the culture of the club.

4. HBUFC & Ryan Botha

Ryan volunteered to work with HBUFC as part of his UEFA B coaching certificate in 2020 and worked with the U16’s HPL side. He made a huge impact in a short space of time. His energy and passion quickly rubbing off on the squad. Most impressive was his ability to improve each individual player and to develop the teams tactics to best suit the strengths of his group. Results very quickly followed in a very competitive league against the regions best academy teams. Ryans brief with the HBUFC 1st team is exactly the same. Focus on improving individual players and develop a strategy that best plays to the strengths of the group to give us the best chance success.

5. HBUFC x Enlabeler

As part of the HBUFC employment hub we have formed a partnership with data labellers En-labeller. HBUFC provide work readiness training and on going mentorship and management support to staff working in the new Hout Bay hub. So far over 50 players, players family members and friends of players have been trained and tested and went have 24 employees working full-time on their first En-labeller project.

6. HBUFC x Oceana Academy

15 of our coaches have been fortunate enough to experience the new Oceana maritime academy in Hout Bay. Oceana fully sponsored a Level 1 first aid course for our junior and HPL coaches who are now all on a development journey to achieve their Level 3 certificate. Our goal is that every HBUFC coach has at least a level 1 First aid certificate.

7. HBUFC x Paddy Upton

‘The bare foot coach’ is the name of Paddy Upton’s best selling book and it describes his method of coaching, which is player centred. At HBUFC we look to leverage football to taker members on a development journey, positively impacting their behaviour off the field while improving their behaviour on the field. Paddy has agreed to consult with our coaches to work in a more player centred approach, this will develop players of autonomy who take control and responsibility for their own performance. In turn this will positively effect how they harness opportunity in their lives outside the field. It’s a win / win.

8. HBUFC x Deus ex Machina

We think our beautiful rainbow football jersey is the happiest football jersey in the World. Fortunately so do our neighbours, the awesome cult clothing brand Deus ex Machina. Together we’ve designed a limited edition off field collection that celebrates the unique culture of HBUFC.

9. HBUFC x Stoke City Football Club Community Trust.

HBUFC have agreed a partnership with the oldest football club in the English league. Stoke City. The collaboration with the Stoke City Community Trust will be built around hosting a series of International junior tournaments in the Mother City named after Stoke City & England legend ( & the first ever Ballon d’or winner ) Sir Stanley Matthews. Twinned with Academy workshops focussed on knowledge sharing from the success of the Stoke City academy model in developing youth through their system into 1st team football.

10. HBUFC x Sijonga-Phambile

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11. HBUFC x Parley & Sentinel Ocean Alliance

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12. HBUFC x Fives

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