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- 13 years old
- Lives in Hout Bay
- Plays football every day
- Wants to finish school to get a great job in order to take care of his family
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- 41 years old
- Lives in Cape Town South Arica
- Coach of the first men's squad of HBUFC
- Has the goal to bring the communities of Hout Bay together
- Thinks that every kid needs to get good education
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- 24 years old
- Role model for the kids in Hout Bay
- Professional football player and mentor for HBUFC
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- 23 years old
- Lives in Hout Bay
- Started playing football when she was 15 years old
- Wants to be a social worker to help and motivate kids from the street
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- 34 years old
- Lives in Hout Bay
- Runs an organisation called Community Cook Up
- Supports HBUFC
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- 22 years old
- Lives in Hangberg
- Cares about the enviroment
- Wants to help the community to be more sustainable
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- 26 years old
- Lives in IY
- Professional football player and coach for HBUFC
- Grew up with HBUFC and wants to give his experience to the next generations
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- 43 years old
- Lives in the valley
- Co-Founder and Trustee of HBUFC
- Wanted to make a difference through football in order to help the kids in Hout Bay
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- 26 years old
- Lives in IY
- Works and plays for HBUFC
- Wants to help the children to grow on and off the field so that they become better people
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