Chumani Chippa Kobeni (Chippa), the coach of CCK Legacy shared his thoughts on the amazing work HBUFC is doing for young South African football players. Chippa believes that since HBUFC has made their mark, Hout Bay is no longer just a community, but has emerged as a football community. Chippa plays such an important role in grooming these young players and affording them better care and an environment that fosters growth. He travels further than the horizon with his boys; coming all the way from Fisantekraal, just outside of Durbanville just to give them a sense of belonging and an opportunity to do what they love most. For Chippa and his boys, distance is no matter as they would travel anywhere for their greatest passion, football. 

Chippa is not simply a coach, but plays the role of a driver, counsellor, coach, and even nurse😅. This is no problem as Chippa feels he owes his being to football, and playing his different roles is his way of ploughing back to his youngsters. He oversees so many talented young boys from a remote area and is absolutely astonished by the level of talent he witnesses, especially since Fisantekraal is a relatively small community. Chippa feels that someone needs to open the eyes of everyone else to the talent in Fisantekraal and he is simply doing his part by exposing the youngsters to better opportunities so their talents can be recognized. 

Chippa’s involvement with HBUFC began when the CCK Legacy went on tour to Durban where they did an amazing job playing against AmaZulu and KZN Academy. Their performance was noticed by The Big George Junior League who felt their talents could not go to waste and connected them to HBUFC. Chippa could not be happier about their collaboration with HBUFC and has high hopes that the relationship will continue to prosper for many years to come. HBUFC has the ability to offer lifechanging experiences for Chippa’s boys, and he is so excited for what lies in store!

Coach Chippa wanted to take the time to thank HBUFC for the fantastic Easter tournament they hosted, as well as everything they do for football. In the words of Chippa, kudos to HBUFC! 

“You know, youth development through sports is something which is, unfortunately, in this country, it’s taken lightly. But it’s something which can really change the lives of many young people. For what Hout Bay is doing, I mean it’s great. We really appreciate each and every little thing they do towards the development of young people.”

Yours Truly, 

The HBUFC Team,

18 April 2022