The definition of ‘Family’ is:
A group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.

Our HBUFC family is extended and can be counted in the hundreds, if not thousands, directly & indirectly benefiting as part of the HBUFC unit.

We all share a sense of community, bound together somehow by the beautiful game. But what’s important to us as a family is that our bond is stronger than a game & permanent and that we can rely on each other.

We celebrated #Hashtag our crazy number 1 fan “SaFighter!”, and he cooked up a storm on the braai. We welcomed home players and their families who have moved on to different clubs. We enjoyed delicious food prepared by ex players who are now chefs, we listened to music from Musi (our number 2 fan) and DJ L5 (our number 3 fan) and spent down time as a family with our families enjoying the laughter of the kids and the banter of our friends.

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