About three weeks ago, a new sight started to appear regularly in the streets of Hout Bay: Shining green Avalanche bikes ridden by five passionate German volunteers. They have no helmets yet, but a lot of ambition to get around town. In fact, even too much ambition since two bikes already broke down and had to be taken to the cycle shop to be repaired. Luckily, such cases are not a big deal, thanks to Hout Bay’s generous citizens who helped volunteer Franzi when her bike broke down in the middle of the road.

But honestly, ever since the bikes have arrived, it has been much easier for us volunteers to get around and get as much work done as possible. Whether Jörn has to make it for the men’s training in time or Josi and Franzi are on their way to the aftercare at Silikamva, the green bikes get the job done. The distance between the volunteer’s home, the two football fields and the office are perfect for a quick cycling session and enable us to be independent. Plus, it’s sustainable!


So, a big thanks to HBUFC for providing bikes! Whenever there’s a match on the field, we are quick to be on our way and support our team.

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