Resilience, Commitment, Tenacity, Courage


New skills and knowledge, A desire to learn, Self-improvement


Manners, Sportsmanship, Neatness, Cleanliness, Humility

Community Spirit

Compassion, Empathy, Care for nature, Non-racism


In football and all our work


Communication, Honesty


Punctual, Healthy lifestyle, Inspiring

Coaches training

In January all of our coaches, from juniors up to U18, underwent coach training with a focus on our HBUFC training methodology.

This included the concept of “deliberate practice”, popularised by Dr Anders Ericcson in the early 2000’s, as well as Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), as we continually improve our coach’s education and development.

At HBUFC we look to use mostly local players all the way up to our semi-professional men’s and ladies teams, and it’s vital that we make use of the most effective coaching methods and the latest in talent development as we look to develop our own players to the highest level.

HBUFC Family Day 2021

The definition of ‘Family’ is:
A group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.

Our HBUFC family is extended and can be counted in the hundreds, if not thousands, directly & indirectly benefiting as part of the HBUFC unit.

We all share a sense of community, bound together somehow by the beautiful game. But what’s important to us as a family is that our bond is stronger than a game & permanent and that we can rely on each other.

We celebrated #Hashtag our crazy number 1 fan “SaFighter!”, and he cooked up a storm on the braai. We welcomed home players and their families who have moved on to different clubs. We enjoyed delicious food prepared by ex players who are now chefs, we listened to music from Musi (our number 2 fan) and DJ L5 (our number 3 fan) and spent down time as a family with our families enjoying the laughter of the kids and the banter of our friends.

HBUFC visit to Camphill

We use football to bring people together, build trust, break down barriers and build friendships. This can take years. Or just 90 minutes.

Our trip to Camphill Village, a residential community and school that provides support for the education, employment, and daily lives of adults and children with developmental disabilities, mental health problems, or other special needs, was as rewarding for our players as it was for the Camphill residents.

We came together to play a game mixing both teams, there were shared moments of joy, frustration (mostly at Dali’s terrible refereeing) and of course exuberant goal celebrations leading to raucous laughter.

These moments of connection are profound. They teach us how similar we are and build empathy. When we play together that empathy is called team spirit and from there anything’s possible.

NedBank cup

On the 6th of November the Nedbank Cup playoffs came to an end for HBUFC’s elite men’s squad. After winning their first three games their fight for the Nedbank Cup came to an end after a great fighting spirit against Santos FC this past saturday in Thornton.

There was great support from our HBUFC fans who kept our team on a positive level throughout the game.

Their focus will now be on the league. They play their first league game for the season this coming Saturday. HBUFC’s elite men’s team will keep on growing and come back with their positive fighting spirit and bounce back stronger as the league begins for them.

The come-back is always greater than the set-back for our HBUFC men’s elite team


About three weeks ago, a new sight started to appear regularly in the streets of Hout Bay: Shining green Avalanche bikes ridden by five passionate German volunteers. They have no helmets yet, but a lot of ambition to get around town. In fact, even too much ambition since two bikes already broke down and had to be taken to the cycle shop to be repaired. Luckily, such cases are not a big deal, thanks to Hout Bay’s generous citizens who helped volunteer Franzi when her bike broke down in the middle of the road.

But honestly, ever since the bikes have arrived, it has been much easier for us volunteers to get around and get as much work done as possible. Whether Jörn has to make it for the men’s training in time or Josi and Franzi are on their way to the aftercare at Silikamva, the green bikes get the job done. The distance between the volunteer’s home, the two football fields and the office are perfect for a quick cycling session and enable us to be independent. Plus, it’s sustainable!


So, a big thanks to HBUFC for providing bikes! Whenever there’s a match on the field, we are quick to be on our way and support our team.

Managing money wisely

In the second half of 2021 we ran a 5-week long “Managing Money” course for our men’s team, which proved to be hugely empowering. The curriculum included budgeting, spending smart, credit and debt, and saving and investment. The players were unanimous in their praise for the course, with the vast majority of them being exposed to these concepts for the very first time.

At the end of the course, we managed to secure a sponsor to provide seed capital for the 11 players who participated to place their first investments – and every one of them was able to prepare a budget to ensure that they are able to save a little bit of money every month.

In the coming months they will all meet regularly for feedback and to discuss challenges they are facing in implementing their financial plans.

We look forward to taking the next group of our HBUFC family through this course over the coming months!

The Season begins

Our men’s team have started the new season with a bang, winning their opening two Nedbank Cup games against Ubuntu and FC Milan respectively. Next up is the ABC League semi-final against Zizwe United on the 30th October.


After an extensive pre-season, new coach Ryan Botha has finalised a 26-man squad that’s full of energy and hunger, with an equal mix of youth and experience. We’re proud to be an almost entirely local team, with 20 of the players based in Hout Bay and most having grown up here. There’s no shortage of diversity in the team, which has proved to be a great forger of strength and unity.


We’re really excited for the league season, starting in early November, and mounting a challenge for the title!

Hbufc x common goal

On Friday 20th August HBUFC received Anroux Marais the Western Cape Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport. The goal of the visit was to highlight the extensive work HBUFC is undertaking across Hout Bay and the lack of facilities to support our programmes. We also toured some potential sites that we would like to partner with Provincial Government and the City to work to develop new infrastructure to grow our reach & impact in the community.

hbufc x ryan botha

Ryan volunteered to work with HBUFC as part of his UEFA B coaching certificate in 2020 and worked with the U16’s HPL side. He made a huge impact in a short space of time. His energy and passion quickly rubbing off on the squad. Most impressive was his ability to improve each individual player and to develop the teams tactics to best suit the strengths of his group. Results very quickly followed in a very competitive league against the regions best academy teams. Ryans brief with the HBUFC 1st team is exactly the same. Focus on improving individual players and develop a strategy that best plays to the strengths of the group to give us the best chance success.

Hbufc x enlabeler

As part of the HBUFC employment hub we have formed a partnership with data labellers En-labeller. HBUFC provide work readiness training and on going mentorship and management support to staff working in the new Hout Bay hub. So far over 50 players, players family members and friends of players have been trained and tested and went have 24 employees working full-time on their first En-labeller project.

hbufc x ocean academy

15 of our coaches have been fortunate enough to experience the new Oceana maritime academy in Hout Bay. Oceana fully sponsored a Level 1 first aid course for our junior and HPL coaches who are now all on a development journey to achieve their Level 3 certificate. Our goal is that every HBUFC coach has at least a level 1 First aid certificate.

Hbufc x stoke city football community trust

HBUFC have agreed a partnership with the oldest football club in the English league. Stoke City. The collaboration with the Stoke City Community Trust will be built around hosting a series of International junior tournaments in the Mother City named after Stoke City & England legend ( & the first ever Ballon d’or winner ) Sir Stanley Matthews. Twinned with Academy workshops focussed on knowledge sharing from the success of the Stoke City academy model in developing youth through their system into 1st team football.

Hbufc x paddy upton

‘The bare foot coach’ is the name of Paddy Upton’s best selling book and it describes his method of coaching, which is player centred. At HBUFC we look to leverage football to taker members on a development journey, positively impacting their behaviour off the field while improving their behaviour on the field. Paddy has agreed to consult with our coaches to work in a more player centred approach, this will develop players of autonomy who take control and responsibility for their own performance. In turn this will positively effect how they harness opportunity in their lives outside the field. It’s a win / win.