An organisation’s culture comprises the environment in which we work, the standards to which we are held, the relationships we have with our colleagues, the processes in which we communicate, and the unspoken beliefs we share with our staff members.

Our ethos

It doesn’t come from signs on the wall or pictures on the website, it comes from the way we live and act every day, in our dealings with people internally and externally – how we treat the CEO of our biggest sponsor, or the homeless man in the bus shelter opposite our offices.

To internalise and grow the culture that we want, HBUFC developed Earn Your Stripes, seven characteristics which we seek to develop and grow in all our
HBUFC community members and which are key elements behind the design of every programme we offer:


Resilience, Commitment, Tenacity, Courage


New skills and knowledge, A desire to learn, Self-improvement


Manners, Sportsmanship, Neatness, Cleanliness, Humility

Community Spirit

Compassion, Empathy, Care for nature, Non-racism


In football and all our work


Communication, Honesty, Assuming the best


Punctual, Healthy lifestyle, Inspiring

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