The HBUFC Employment Hub Programme is our employment initiative, where we take the principles in the Personal Development Pathway and put them into practice. On average, at any given time, over 90% of our senior players are employed through this programme.

After interviews and assessments, all players are taken through a Work Readiness Course, safeguarding training, and police clearance checks. We then seek to place them into suitable part-time employment to enable them to both gain work experience and earn an income while pursuing their football careers.

HBUFC sources funds to supplement salaries so that our players are earning a living wage, while motivating local businesses to take on good staff who they are able to afford, even in difficult economic times.
Some local businesses currently employing HBUFC players.


HBUFC has a goal of every individual finding health, fulfilment & full time employment.

We offer various educational programmes for our players and coaches:

● Assisting players with getting their matric
● Literacy lessons for illiterate players
● Coaching courses for coaches, run by various organisations
Child safeguarding training
Online courses in personal development
● Work readiness training

The HBUFC Employment Hub Programme

Participants are supported into full time work through 12 months HBUFC Employment HUB programme.


First month participants screened & selected, community service, life skills & work readiness programmes, then 2 months on the job training.


Participants 50% sponsored into a 6 months workplace Internship programme with ongoing mentoring.


Participants are 25% sponsored for 3 months work experience within the same business receive ongoing support and mentorship.

Our Pillars of success


On the football field.

Placing players in employment.

Creation of 50 full time jobs in last 12 months.


Upfront screening and evaluation to minimise dropout levels.

Mentors and counselling provided within the budget for weekly check-ins.


Multiple local businesses ready to take on staff:

Yebofresh, The Community Cook Up, Thrive Fitness, School in a Box, EnLabeler, local schools and more.


HBUFC Management with many years experience in education, project management and small business development. 


The Football Club is the Community that holds them to account. 


Using experienced partners who are experts in their field, from screening to work readiness training and social support.

“We’ve used players from HBUFC in our distribution centre for a year now and look forward to employing more great staff from this programme”

“The staff provide to us via HBUFC have been committed and eager to learn and grow. We’re excited to continue to engage on joint opportunities and appreciate the ongoing support and communication from management”

“We love working with HBUFC. The staff we get are motivated and the support is top-notch.”

“Last year HBUFC approached us with the novel idea of taking in ten of their young players as interns. Seeing as we are big fans of HBUFC and had a strong history of working together in food delivery during the pandemic, we couldn’t resist.”

“In partnership with HBUFC, we trained over 300 young people from the local townships, of which we selected and further trained 30 people to work for us on an active client project.”


“At the Sentinel Primary School we are committed to ensuring the highest quality education for each child. We are passionate in making sure that each individual child is encouraged, challenged and supported to become lifelong learner with a love of learning.”

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