About US

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Our Story

We believe in a bright future for South Africa. A Rainbow Nation proud and embracing of its cultures & communities. A country richer for its diversity. The historical fishing village of Hout Bay reflects many aspects of South Africa today. There are many socio-economic issues within some of the areas, with high unemployment leading to drugs and crime which is on the increase – contrasting with an increase in wealth in other areas within the valley. Unfortunately due to the economic challenges and geographic separation there are very few opportunities for the communities to mix.  This is where HBUFC comes in!

Hout Bay United Football Community (HBUFC) is a trust set up by a group of enthusiasts in Hout Bay in order to do three things:

1. Encourage the communities to come together.
2. Get kids off the street and develop them through mentorship and coaching to improve life skills, school work & football ability. The programs themselves create jobs for players & locals.
3. Promote successful top class football and bring a common hope & pride to the people of Hout Bay.

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Our Vision And Mission

Is to be the leading public benefit organization for youth development and education while also achieving successfully managed football across all the communities of Hout Bay.

Is to use football to bring out the best in youth across the different Hout Bay communities, and nurture them through empowerment and mentorship, thereby uplifting the whole community. We aim to manage and develop successful football initiatives at each age level from 7 to 18, twinned with delivering educational support, honing of life skills, and mentorship programs for the Hout Bay United Football Community.  The pinnacle of the football management is to develop a very successful elite football team that competes at the highest level bringing pride, sponsorship, exposure, and enjoyment to the whole community.