About US


Our Story

We belive in two things:

1- The power of football to unite a diverse community.

2- The power of a community to transform by investing in our youth together as a unified team.

A small club with a big heart.

Community is our soul. Football is the spark that brings us together. The magic is our journey that brings friendship, love, support, understanding, growth & opportunity. Football is just the beginning… We are bigger than a game.

This tiny club at the foot of Africa captures hearts at the very top of the game. Operating as a charity our reach grows far beyond the field – success for us is not just about trophies. We’re a club with a heart & soul.

Success is the number of jobs that we can create, the number of community programmes we can run & the number of children we can feed… It’s about a community of well rounded moral citizens giving back and continuing to build a better future together.

The story in our badge:

Our community is represented on our badge by the rainbow stripes which surround the golden football. The ball represents the beating heart of our club and the gold represents our success.

Success isn’t as easy as just winning on the field. 

We are more than a team. More than a game.

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players sponsored through school
Members in the employment hub
monthly running
R 300000
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