Meet your team


We think of ourselves as a big #HBUFC family, with Viera & Zwai this is literally true- They’re brothers.
Introducing our very own dynamic duo, 2 of the nicest, most dedicated footballers you could ever meet each with a skill set that compliments the other perfectly.


Siyabonga Ntozini. Age: 26. Position: Central Midfielder.

Siyabonga is one of our most talented players and is the glue that sticks our team together on the field. His passive and down to earth nature is hard to find in footballers and he has the full package. He’s hard working, determined, level-headed, and smart. All of that partnered with good technique on and off the ball, good decision making, aggressiveness, and tireless work ethic; Siyabonga brings to the table what nobody else could. Above all he is a very very nice guy. Siyabonga is due to be one of HBUFC’s mentors and I have no doubt that with his quality of morals and the strong sense of who he is, he’ll be a great inspiration to many youngsters around Hout Bay.

Nickname: Viera.
Favourite team?: Orlando Pirates/ Real Madrid
Favourite player?: Patrick Viera/ Cesc Fabregas
Hobbies?: Soccer soccer socer
Ambitions?: Play as a professional footballer
Heroes?: Mom
Why do you love playing football?: Football is fun, its part of my nature, I don’t know I just love it
What’s your favourite part of HBUFC ?Everything is good, it feels good to play at this level of football and we’ve played for a long time to get here.


 Mzwandile Ntozini. Age: 27. Position: Striker.

 Mzwandile is a lethal striker with an amazing set of skilful attributes. Like his brother Siyabonga, he is a full package. Hard working and determined, Mzwandile can do anything he puts his mind to. He is a very strong character and strong physically and is one of HBUFC’s most valuable assets. With a quality set of morals and ways to live life and treat people, Mzwandile will be a great mentor for the youngsters who take part in HBUFC’s youth development structures. It’s been great working with him so far and I look forward to his future with HBUFC.

Nickname: Zwai

Favourite team?: Kaiser Chiefs/ Manchester United

Favourite player?: Didier Drogba

Hobbies?: I Enjoy football, video games, TV

Ambitions?: I want to be a professional in football. So when I’m done playing football I’d like to be a coach or something professional involved in football.

Heroes?: Mom

Why do you love playing football?: Football is a fun sport, it teaches us communication, get to meet new people good for the kids and it gives us energy

What’s your favourite part of HBUFC ?: To be one of the players. To be in the team makes me happy. I love being a part of all of it.