Meet Your Team

Crissandro Minnaar. Age: 17. Position: Center Back.

Sandro is an important part of the HBUFC family. We have been playing social football with him for 3 years now, since he was a 14 year old lad. It’s actually thanks in part to Sandy that this whole project came about.


He was the first guy from Hangberg to come and kick with us when we first started playing. It was early days and there was often a lot of trouble around the field with disagreements about who could play and when.

Sandro’s involvement and that of his friends led the way initially we played once a week, then twice a week, socially and informally often attracting more than 50 people from all our communities. It has been a pleasure to witness Sandro’s development. He’s open minded, free thinking, free spirited and dedicated. He trains hard, works hard and his undoubted natural talent shines through in every game no matter what level he’s playing at.

It was Sandro’s development under the mentorship of the ‘Dads n Boyz’ game that highlighted to us the power of football as a tool to communicate and remove barriers. Well done Sandy, Thanks and keep it up. Here’s a bit more about the original ‘Easy Boy’

Nickname: Sandy / Sandro

Favourite team? Liverpool

Favourite player? Steven Gerrard

Hobbies? Soccer, soccer, soccer
Ambitions? I want to work hard and see what the world has for me

Heroes? Mum and Dad

Why do you love playing soccer? My Dad loves football- He plays football and he taught me to play football. I’m good at football and it’s now my dream to play football.

What’s your favourite part of HBUFC ? I love HBUFC, I’ve made friends with everyone, we work with each other and we all have a good relationship with each other.

Building our Community through the Beautiful Game